Event Center Announces Ice Bumper Car Attraction!

Virginia, MN…. The new Miners Event and Convention Center (MECC) has announced an exciting addition to their new arenas, ice bumper cars.  This unique attraction takes the fun of bumper cars and puts it on ice.  The MECC will be one of only 27 locations worldwide to feature ice bumper cars and will have exclusive rights to the technology within a 100-mile radius.   Currently, the closest ice bumper car attraction is in Illinois.

City of Virginia Parks and Recreation Director, Brian Silber, explained how ice bumper cars found a home at the MECC, “When it comes to recreation for the city, I’m always trying to think outside the box and find a new niche that will make Virginia stand-out.  When I came across the Ice Bumper Car company while working on concepts for the MECC, I knew this attraction would be a great fit and something for the community to be excited about.”

The MECCs twelve ice bumper cars are being assembled by hand in Colorado, where the first ice bumper cars were invented.  The Ice Bumper Car company explains that the experience is different than traditional bumper cars because ice allows them to slide when bumped giving a very “fluid” ride.   Ice Bumper Cars will provide an additional revenue opportunity for the MECCs new arenas.  Because the cars only need 1/3 of the arena ice floor, it allows the venue to offer ice skating and bumper cars at the same time.

“Ice Bumper Cars are a great way to make any birthday party, reunion, even a business networking event over-the-top fun!” shared Tylar Lundeen, a member of the MECC’s Marketing and Event Coordinator team.  “We are creating birthday party packages that will allow groups to choose from just ice bumper cars or a combo of ice skating and ice bumper cars for double the fun. We will be able to start booking parties in late July.”

The MECC is scheduled to open in September of this year.  Parties can be booked up to 90 days in advance. If you’re interested in booking an ice bumper car party as fall approaches, visit the MECC website at meccmn.com, email events@meccmn.com, or call 218-748-7506 for more information.