The best way to purchase tickets is online at Ticketleap, the event’s official online ticketing platform.  Visit for event tickets.

To purchase tickets in person, visit the Iron Trail Motors Event Center’s Main Office.

Address:  919 6th Street South, Virginia MN 55792

Phone: 218-748-7506



Our Office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Iron Trail Motors Event Center.  The office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.   Call us at (218) 748-7506.


The Iron Trail Motors Event Center includes all facilities at the Iron Trail Motors Event Center.

The official ticket provider for our Event Center sponsored events is Ticketleap.  The only official places to purchase tickets to our events are or in person at the main office.

We are not responsible for tickets purchased or the printing of tickets from unauthorized ticket brokers or websites.

These websites are often made to look like legitimate ticketing agents of the DECC or AMSOIL Arena by using our logo, photographs, branding and venue name.  No matter how legitimate a website may look, tickets that are not purchased directly from the DECC may not be valid for admission.  BUYER BEWARE.

If you purchased tickets from an unauthorized source and were not granted admission we suggest the following in this order:

1. Return to your original point of purchase (e.g., your ticket broker or online ticket resale website), report that the tickets were not valid for entry and demand a refund.

2. If you are unsuccessful in demanding a refund from the vendor, we suggest that you contact the credit card company you used for the purchase.  Explain the situation and ask that they refund you.  This is known as a “chargeback”.